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Initially founded in 2005 as a Creative PR Agency, Rawthentix was strategized and masterminded by its two founding partners who were fed up with the corporate overindulgence mentality within the music, fashion retail, and media industry. For them the current lack of progression and creativity within the already saturated market has spewed countless numbers of overzealous haters claiming to be down, but systematically know nothing.

With the combined work experience and credibility of over 30 years in the art, music, fashion, & dance community, it was only a logical progression for Rawthentix to spawn. Their knowledge and dedication toward cultivating a voice for street culture is their business, but is also engrained within their personal lifestyle as well.

Our marketing campaigns include collaborative projects with Burton, Red Bull, Upper Playground, Red Bull, Nike SB, and Oakley. Media and entertainment collaboration include Milan Entertainment, MTV/VH1 Networks, 'The Art Dump' (Chocolate installation), Red Bull, Pacha NYC, Bboy Ivan (Urban Action Figure), HEF (Fx Crew), KRS One, Fab 5 Freddy, N.E.R.D, Universal/Interscope Group, Much Music (Chum City), artists Barbara Tucker, Rufio (White Lights), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Smoochy), and of course our loyal F.A.M. and Special Sauce collective.

Rawthentix is not only a movement, but a Non-Traditional entertainment and street fashion agency, focusing on marketing initiatives, through an array of promotions that include: Live Event Productions, Brand Development, and Social Networking. We host an eclectic team of forward thinking individuals who live, breathe, & forecast trends In short, we will provide clients with groundbreaking concepts that will maximize brand image and public awareness.

It is our intention to bring readers thoughtful commentary, as well as the latest freshness to drop. If you are seeking a product review, advertisement, client consultation, or looking to connect, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime frequent our site, leave a comment, and be in the know.


Zebak & Lady Loch Ness

Tuesday, May 26


Being avid lovers of the artist Usugrow, we were pleasantly surprised to receive the latest news from the good folks over at Upper Playground about their new partnership with the artist. The new line entitled "Shinganist" derives from the Japanese word "Shingan" (meaning mind's eye), and will be his first clothing line to launch in the U.S. on August 1st.

Shinganist will pull inspiration from underground Japanese lifestyle, as well showcase the works of guest artists and Usugrow himself. Upper Playground and Usugrow view the line as a vehicle to introduce a new generation of Japanese artists to the world.

Usugrow started drawing in 1993 for various hardcore metal bands, hip-hop groups, album covers, merchandise, clothing brands, shops, skate companies, whatever. Currently based in Tokyo, Japan his black and white illustrations are one of a kind, combining calligraphy with his drawings. He is inspired by flowers, Buddha statues, album covers, skateboard designs, and music flyers.

Be on the look out- more news and images after the drop date. In the meantime visit the Usugrow site for more details.

Sunday, May 24

Hip Hop & Street Art Exhibition

If there is one thing that we stand behind, it is the belief that true hip hop, street art and the always changing lifestyle subculture community is in a serious need of diversification on a worldwide scale. Fortunately for us, our man Semor shares this same philosophy. He will be paying it forward with an event this coming June 27th. We have teamed up with him along with our other familia Dedicated in helping to spread the universal word of unity and 'Hip Hope', with a one day jam that will be held at the local youth culture center in the district of Altenkirchen, Germany. If you happen to live or will be visiting be sure to show your love and support. For more information feel free to hit us or Semor up.

In the meantime here are a few details:

12:00PM- (WRITING):
Workshop will start off by featuring the TAD Crew and two special writers- Hombre & Pesk. Other artists will include: Jemo, Emok, Leks, Ahorn, Bruz, Virs & Semor.

Diomanges, Westwood Connection, Notah and Cuba 64 will be keeping things in the mix. Music acts LIVE & Direct brought to you by: Huss & Hodn along with Sylabil Spill and O-Flow.


Ummm...what can we say, except the fact that we are late on posting this up. We've been meaning to do this except we were held captive for the last month planning the Special Sauce Huntington Village opening party that dropped last Thursday. What a success. More on that separately. In the meantime we just want to give some serious 'snaps' to the Hellz posse for their support with the Queenz Arrive event and for shouting out your's truly. Thanks for being such great purveyor's of style and rogue class.

More goodness to manifest shortly...In the meantime be sure to visit
"What The Hellz" for the full read and to be in the know.

A few more snaps of love....Thx to Elixabet!

Sunday, May 10


The house of Chanel ceases to amaze us with their inventive ways in order to stay original. They have just released their latest viral promoting their iconic No. 5 fragrance. The short film tells the story of love at first sight. You'll have
to watch in order to fully appreciate. The lead is non other than French actress Audrey Tatou, who will be the latest to play the role of the late Coco Chanel
in an upcoming film biography.

VANS| Birth of Icons Book Drops

For those who live by the heel of Vans, you'll be happy to know that they will be dropping a hardcover collectible book on June 1st. Recognized as a brand staple within skate and street lifestyle culture, they have documented the history of the company now spanning over 40 years, sharing their story of soles from the ground up. Those interested can get their pre-order on now via the Vans website now.

Some video for your mind

Monday, May 4


Seriously...we are sorry for the major lack of posts, as we have been keeping busy and gearing up for some niceness we are going to be dropping for this summer '09. Stay tuned, and be in the know. In the meantime here is a recap of our latest event ventures....

On Saturday, April 25th we hosted the "Urban Vibes" show along with our co-partners Special Sauce with the artist Semor. Thank you to everyone who showed love and made it out! The house was packed and the crowd was live, with sounds provided by our resident DJ Nick Pepe. A special thanks to all our fam who kept things moving- you know who you are!

For those that woke up late- the exhibit will be open to the public and running until May 16th. By request, those interested will be able to purchase the artwork showcased from the exhibition. In the meantime peep the slide below to view some of the work featured.

Otherwise be sure to visit a few snaps provided by Elixabet . More images to follow as soon as we get a hot minute :o)