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Initially founded in 2005 as a Creative PR Agency, Rawthentix was strategized and masterminded by its two founding partners who were fed up with the corporate overindulgence mentality within the music, fashion retail, and media industry. For them the current lack of progression and creativity within the already saturated market has spewed countless numbers of overzealous haters claiming to be down, but systematically know nothing.

With the combined work experience and credibility of over 30 years in the art, music, fashion, & dance community, it was only a logical progression for Rawthentix to spawn. Their knowledge and dedication toward cultivating a voice for street culture is their business, but is also engrained within their personal lifestyle as well.

Our marketing campaigns include collaborative projects with Burton, Red Bull, Upper Playground, Red Bull, Nike SB, and Oakley. Media and entertainment collaboration include Milan Entertainment, MTV/VH1 Networks, 'The Art Dump' (Chocolate installation), Red Bull, Pacha NYC, Bboy Ivan (Urban Action Figure), HEF (Fx Crew), KRS One, Fab 5 Freddy, N.E.R.D, Universal/Interscope Group, Much Music (Chum City), artists Barbara Tucker, Rufio (White Lights), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Smoochy), and of course our loyal F.A.M. and Special Sauce collective.

Rawthentix is not only a movement, but a Non-Traditional entertainment and street fashion agency, focusing on marketing initiatives, through an array of promotions that include: Live Event Productions, Brand Development, and Social Networking. We host an eclectic team of forward thinking individuals who live, breathe, & forecast trends In short, we will provide clients with groundbreaking concepts that will maximize brand image and public awareness.

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Zebak & Lady Loch Ness

Friday, October 31


Compliments of the reigning man of decadence himself INSA.
We just had to share the obsession.

Trick or Treat, anyone care for some tasty meat?

Tuesday, October 28


Back in August we dropped word about the Fall ’08 exhibition “Urban Vibes”, featuring the work of street artist Semor based out of the Rheinland-Pfalz.
We caught up with the mad genius for an exclusive, and asked him a few questions about the success of this recent event, his influences, and what he’s got brewing in the mystery pot next.

How old were you when you became interested in the street art and graffiti movement?
I was 7 years old. When I was a kid I wrote with chalk in my room. I wrote letters in different styles on the wall, but I didn't have the faintest idea it was called graffiti. In 1992 my sister showed me the film "Style Wars".
I love the film- So much colors...colors...colors!

What was the first piece that you wrote?
I did my first piece towards the end of 1993, and wrote the letters NES. That was the official beginning of my passion with writing.

Who are your inspirations and how have they influenced your work?
It´s a never ending process. I get my influences and inspirations from everything, and I convert that into my creations. It can be different styles, different places, different people.

You are the initial creator of the TAD Crew. You're also down with a few other crews as well. Tell us about that.
I´m the founder of TAD aka "The Art Directors". My members include Leks, Jemo, Emok, Virs, Bruz, Twik, Krush, Oli, Kash, and Ahorn. I started my crew in 1994. It´s very important for me to paint with them. It´s a family thing, like the Rawthentix-FAM. We as writers share our ideas and the same passion and love for this movement. Love what you do, and do what you love is the foundation of what we believe. The members of my crew are my family and friends, and are here during the good and bad times. In addition, I am also a member of the CAOS crew, otherwise known as the "Cryptic Assassins of Style". Members are Emok, Thilo, Elric, Oki, Zome, lastly I also run with Polar and Gery of THE KOOLS.

In the last 30 years street art has changed drastically, fueled by increased competition among artists, and their technical ability. For contemporary graffiti artists today like yourself, what do you feel are the major style influences and social differences between Germany, Europe, and in the U.S.?
It´s like our own version of style war between countries and cities. For example in Berlin graffiti is more like the classic concept of old school style. Where as in the south of Germany, the writing is influenced by new school concepts and introduce new elements and technique. New York is the native city of graffiti, and Europe has become a leader in helping to carry on this tradition. The criminal prosecution in Germany is very hard, but that doesn't stop writers from getting up. Germany has the same "zero tolerance" like in New York. Thankfully graffiti and street art is becoming a more established and recognized form of positive self expression among art critics and the general public who are curious to learn more.

You recently held your latest exhibition ‘Urban Vibes’ in the city of Hamm-Sieg. Wish we were there with you to support. Your work is off the charts!
What was your theme behind this collection, and how long have you been working on it?

I love to spray canvases, especially working with stencils and cans. I worked on these canvases for over a year. I had a lot to organize (money, location, food/beverage, music), while still having to make time to paint. It was exhausting but well worth it.

What was the most challenging part of putting together your ‘Urban Vibes’ exhibition?
Many people who don’t understand the culture see this art form and say “Okay, graffiti...Ah, just letters on trains”. They don’t realize the amount of time
and effort involved and how it can be expressed on canvas in a different form. To see all the work I created and the final result is an accomplishment. It was so nice to see the reaction of the visitors at the vernissage.

What’s coming up next for SEMOR "The Mad One"?
In April I will be coming back to New York for an exhibition showcasing some of my newest work in conjunction with the good folks over at Special Sauce.

For a more in depth look into the work of SEMOR visit his website.




Monday, October 27


The latest womens release from Nike dubbed the Alabaster and Dragon Red Air Max 1, is inspired by bright ski apparel in the 1980's. Consisting of leather, suede, and nylon, the colorway is a flattering combination of purple, red, and pink sure to not only get the ladies, but male sneakerheads trying to purchase a size and a half up. They will retail for $120 and become available starting November 13. These are looking pretty fly- Don't you think? Those interested in getting theirs early can pre-order via Kix-Files



A remake of the "Wassup" commercials brings light on todays unemployment, stock market, and health care issues this time around for the '08.

Sunday, October 26


The influence of Karl Lagerfeld in the fashion world is undeniable. For as long as I can remember, I've always marveled at his genious designs, gracing the pages of couture magazines and the runways. One can only imagine being able to sit front row one at one of his shows. I think any man or women could only dream- wishful thinking perhaps. Let alone the man himself is always impeccably dressed. One must admit those high collared shirts and tailored suits he wears are icon and unmatched. He is the quintessence of grace, with age bearing no limit to style.

I digressed from my original trail of thought. I was apparently daydreaming visions of Chanel and Fendi grandeur and over indulgence. My apologies...
His latest Chanel's Spring 2009 Cruise collection includes the much talked about "Gun Shoe" designed by Lawrence Decade, which have already started hitting Chanel boutiques worldwide. These pistol inspired stiletto’s are available in black, white, and metallic silver, and will retail for $2200 US. It's definitely safe to say that these aren't for the timid gal. What are your thoughts?
Fashion wow or Faux-pax?

Lady Loch Ness

Friday, October 24


Oakley has teamed up with artist Andrew Petterson for the latest "Frogskin" collaboration slated to drop this month. Petterson has meticulously hand painted 50 pairs of sunglasses, and will be made available to only 25 select boutiques, with 2 pairs allocated for each location at $350 each. Peep the S.A.U.C.E to purchase.


I remember watching the "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Happy Days" in syndication after school. Thanks to Ron Howard, Andy Griffith, and Henry Winkler we can relive some of these childhood memories in a whole new insightful way

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 22

"All Day I Dream About Sneakers"

Courtesy: Lifelounge

Adidas Originals and Lifelounge have just dropped their latest collaboration in the form of a limited edition book entitled "All Day I Dream About Sneakers". Inspired by the brand’s motto of ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ and ‘Celebrate Originality’, the new campaign tells the fictitious tale of the original sneaker fiend named Herr Fritz Träumer, who dedicated his life’s work to creating the most over the top designs in the world. The book features his personal journals and notebooks that detail his imaginary creations. Currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. Visit Lifelounge for more details.

To celebrate this collaboration Lifelounge also offers a downloadable version of All Day I Dream About Sneakers here.


Monday, October 20


Similar to the steel drum, the Hang instrument is a percussive steel drum known for its melodic "singing bowl" like sound qualities. It was introduced in Switzerland in 2001and presented at the Frankfurt Music Fair. (Where just as amazed at you are). Peep the video from artist Manu Delago playing his solo entitled "Mono Desire" from the "Living Room In London" tour.


Music production has been brought to a whole new level. If you’re a novice or aspiring DJ, and have ever dreamt of creating beats without the expense of draining your bank account on equipment, this may be your answer. Based out of Berlin, Hobnox is new online community web portal which allows music lovers the opportunity to create and share original music and videos, with the use of a state-of-the-art Audio tool format. With the added help of an impressive browser based Flash version of a mixing board, users will be allowed to score their own original beats and melodies within their site. According to Hobnox PR, some added features include:

•LIVE recording and saving functionality
•Addition of a ‚Mac/Dock-like shelf with all the devices
•New devices: Splitter, Merger, Compressor, Phaser, Slope and Gate
•No Java Bypass (you'll need Flash 10 in order to use this tool)
•Audiotool- The use of 3 default set-ups or start a blank set-up

We say, this quite possibly could be the next techy trend that may actually make sense.

Saturday, October 18


Ms. Claw Money presents her latest Fall ‘08 collection, entitled “Everything I Love is Illegal, Immoral or Fattening”. The latest threads consist of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and crewnecks for both the men and ladies. Visit Claw Money to view the complete line and retail locations.

Thursday, October 16

DAFT PUNK 400% Be@rbrick TO DROP

The 400% Daft Punk Be@rbrick will soon be released with it's second Twin Pack of the French electronic duo. It is slated to drop first in Japan on October 24, then release worldwide in March 2009. More after the blast.

Wednesday, October 15


The Hellz Bellz brand is quickly becoming the addiction of choice for many women seeking to sport street fashion without nonsense frills. HB just introduced their Fall '08 Collection entitled "Bullet Proof Sisters", inspired by the sexploitation films made popular during the early 1960's-'70's, like "Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill, Kill"" and "Switchblade Sisters". If you've never seen one of these cult classics, either one of these films would suit perfectly for your next movie night in. We say, this theme collection is simply "To Die For"! Visit the What The Hellz Blog for additional looks, and stay with us to be in the know for some exciting news coming shortly. Shhhh...We're not telling!

Tuesday, October 14


LOCATION: Houstan & MacDougal St.

Our favorite rodent activist Banksy, hits NYC once again since opening his "Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill" last week. You'll be pleased to learn that he's introduced some more of his rat pack brigade. These two new LEGAL installations—located at Houston & MacDougal and Canal Street near the Holland Tunnel, have once been brought to life with the help of the expert sign painters at Collosal Media. We say, what's next Mr. Banksy?...keep it coming.

LOCATION: Canal St. Near Holland Tunnel


Source: Super Touch

Brooklyn based artist Mark Dean Veca debuted his latest installation last week Saturday, at the Ben Maltz Gallery in the OTIS College of Art & Design in
Los Angeles. The stunning solo exhibition is entitled "Phantasmagoria" and features Veca's extremely innovative artwork in a mystical cave-like landscape. The gallery showing runs until December 6. Visit the Ben Maltz Gallery site for admission and show times.

Monday, October 13


We recently heard the latest buzz about the authenticity of the viral video featuring actor Dan Akroyd promoting his new quadruple-distilled vodka, made with Newfoundland water and triple filtered process. After viewing the 8 minute long video we were hesitant to believe this was actually real. What seems to be one part infomercial and two parts history lesson is actually part of a clever marketing campaign for the new premium spirit called Crystal Head Vodka. Manufactured in Canada, the vodka is featured in a clear glass shaped skull bottle designed by John Alexander, and manufactured by master artisans in Milan's Bruni Glass Company. We know what you’re thinking. Yes, it is pretty unique, isn't it? We wouldn't mind having this ourselves just for the bottle. Thankfully the Infinium Spirits is promoting the Crystal Head Vodka for the U.S. It will be available starting in California, Texas, Nevada, Louisiana and Florida. Retail price is $49.95 for the 750ml bottle. We say, bottom's up.
Peep the official site to watch the oddness.

Source: NotCot

INSA x M.I.S.S CREW PRESENT: Le Rétifisme D' Insa

I have to give supreme props to the lovely women over at M.I.S.S.. They always cover the latest word on the street for the ladies with great thought and class. Their latest collaborative project with Insa entitled "Le Rétifisme D' Insa" or The Shoe Fetish, dives into a photoshoot fantasy of black and white bondage. We say laytex and rope never looked so inviting. View the editorial here.


Friday, October 10


Banksy seems to have blessed the NYC once again. You'll have to marvel his latest work of self expression in person for true admiration. When you first come upon what seems to be a small but lovely little pet store, is really something quite different. This isn't your normal pet store. Last time we checked, McDonald's Chicken McNuggets and hotdogs were for eating, and rabbits weren't concerned about their vanity. Located at 89 7th Ave between W. 4th and Bleeker, is a bizarre animatronics display, running daily from 10am until midnight until October 31. We say, "What the %$#!"? This acutally makes Alice's Wonderland look completely sane. To view more pics visit the Wooster Collective.

Source: Wooster


Sould is committed to spreading social awareness among the street lifestyle community worldwide. Established in 2007, their Fall '08 line of t-shirts make blatant reference to the current state of govermental politics and unsavory method use of it's media. We say, it's been a long 8 years. Make it your business to be in the know. Visit Sould for more information.

Because we just couldn't resist a close up...

Wednesday, October 8


So a few weeks back we had a chance to catch up with BabakOne, owner of Dedicated. He let us know about the different projects he's been working on, including his collaboration with the crew over at The Good Will Out. TGWO is a new sneaker and life style shop that opened its doors this past March, and is located in the beautiful city Köln. Did we mention how much we love Köln? We do. We corresponded with its owner Alex, where their passion for sneaker culture transcended into their new venture. We say congratulations, and we'll be stopping through on our next trip over for sure. Make sure you show some love and peep TGWO site for the latest drops.


Ladies stop by and show your love for this event. Make sure you spread the word.

DATE: October 11, 2008 from 2pm – 8pm
WHERE: Supreme Trading: 213 N. 8th St. Williamsburg, BK 11211
VENDORS: Yours Truly Brand, Around the Way Girls, Missbehave Magazine, D.B.A. Brooklyn,Princess of the Posse, TrashBagAesthetics, Female Sneaker Fiend, Highsnobette, Milkshake Kicks & more.
DJ's: Music provided by Radio Rose, Ill P, and more...

Bringing the females of the street culture together for a day of mingling, networking,shopping, and drinking.Select vendors will bring clothing and shoes that they no longer fit or want focusing on streetwear/ contemporary clothing. Vendors will have their own section for their company, but their friends and associates can also participate in the section. Vendors will price each item accordingly (keeping in mind that attendees will be coming to the event to get a deal). Items (new or used) will be marked at or around the wholesale price. The public will be able to swap goods with the vendors or simply buy. Clothing lines can utilize their section for sample sale purposes. Any clothing or items not sold can be left with Yours Truly Brand, who will donate them to a charity TBD.

More Details
• Drink Specials, TBD
• Brooklyn Barter & Buy is free to attend
• Target audience is fashionistas, socialites, and the ladies of the industry; Ages 15-35.
• Expected attendance is 300 people
• Help us get the word out about the 1st Brooklyn Barter & Buy!
• Blog about it, send out email blasts, word of mouth…do whatever you can.

For more information or to attend, sponsor, or help promote Brooklyn Barter & Buy please contact:

Tuesday, October 7


The latest Common video and single directed by Hype Williams, entitled "Universal Mind Control". This is his 8th album slated to release by Good Music/Geffe(UMG) on November 11th. Rapping alongside a red eyed robot fueled with electro synth and hip hop beats, the single is reminiscent of Afrika Bambaataa's "Soul Sonic Force". We've provided Bambaataa's original to compare. You should know by now we're a bunch of music nerd's. Either way the track is most definitely Bboy floor rock friendly.


COMMON- "Universal Mind Control" (2008)

Afrika Bambaataa & Kraftwerk- Original "Soul Sonic Force" (1982)


Most recently I was tipped off by a fellow friend and avid trendster about a new emerging brand based out of California called Weekend Warrior. Let me say that I am feeling the flavor they are about to drop. Backed by its two young designers Desiree Finley and Briana Slape, their shared philosophy is based on the strength and sensuality of how women have carried themselves in a "testosterone" driven playing field. This women stands strong and is the equivalent to the urban "Glamazon" rocking a lip gloss pout, and may become a weapon wielding femme fatale when potentially crossed. The debut and F/W '08 collection entitled "I'm Not Your Babygirl", consists of smartly designed graphic t-shirts. Peep some heat below otherwise visit the WW Myspace to learn more.

Lady Loch Ness

Monday, October 6


Ricky Powell helped to define the rise of Hip Hop culture in the 80's with his street style photography. Tomorrow night he shares his private work chronicling this pivotal period in New York's street culture, with a reception and gallery showing at SHQ, and After Party at the Beauty Bar. If you would like to attend RSVP to

Friday, October 3


Source: The World's Best Ever

Last week we dropped the image of Banksy's "I Love NYC Rat" commissioned by Collosal Media. He has struck once again with a new mural depicting that of a shady business rat with tie, wrist cuff's, umbrella, and suitcase in hand leaking cash. We say, Hmmm, could this have anything to do with the current state of affairs down on Wall Street? You be the judge.


Dealing with winter is hard enough, let alone trying to profile is something proper. Most of all having a variety of casual attire without the denim should be a part of every Man's regimen as well. Dolce & Gabanna keep thier Men's line suave and practical for Spring '09. The look is a subtle mix of comfort with masculine hits of sophistication. Keep on the lookout for casual drawstring pajama-like pant inspirations, sleek tailored tops, silk and satin infused tuxedo print jackets, and a variety of leather and crocodile carry bags sure to get some envy. Take a look at some choice threads for the '09.