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Initially founded in 2005 as a Creative PR Agency, Rawthentix was strategized and masterminded by its two founding partners who were fed up with the corporate overindulgence mentality within the music, fashion retail, and media industry. For them the current lack of progression and creativity within the already saturated market has spewed countless numbers of overzealous haters claiming to be down, but systematically know nothing.

With the combined work experience and credibility of over 30 years in the art, music, fashion, & dance community, it was only a logical progression for Rawthentix to spawn. Their knowledge and dedication toward cultivating a voice for street culture is their business, but is also engrained within their personal lifestyle as well.

Our marketing campaigns include collaborative projects with Burton, Red Bull, Upper Playground, Red Bull, Nike SB, and Oakley. Media and entertainment collaboration include Milan Entertainment, MTV/VH1 Networks, 'The Art Dump' (Chocolate installation), Red Bull, Pacha NYC, Bboy Ivan (Urban Action Figure), HEF (Fx Crew), KRS One, Fab 5 Freddy, N.E.R.D, Universal/Interscope Group, Much Music (Chum City), artists Barbara Tucker, Rufio (White Lights), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Smoochy), and of course our loyal F.A.M. and Special Sauce collective.

Rawthentix is not only a movement, but a Non-Traditional entertainment and street fashion agency, focusing on marketing initiatives, through an array of promotions that include: Live Event Productions, Brand Development, and Social Networking. We host an eclectic team of forward thinking individuals who live, breathe, & forecast trends In short, we will provide clients with groundbreaking concepts that will maximize brand image and public awareness.

It is our intention to bring readers thoughtful commentary, as well as the latest freshness to drop. If you are seeking a product review, advertisement, client consultation, or looking to connect, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime frequent our site, leave a comment, and be in the know.


Zebak & Lady Loch Ness

Sunday, November 30


Brooklyn designer Kerri O'Connell has got the good wood. Her "green friendly" jewelry line Good Wood has teamed up with the very talented graffiti artist Too Fly for the latest GW collaboration of colorful and hand painted two finger rings. Available at the Too Fly SHOP. Go get yours now...

Wednesday, November 26


Our favorite approach when picking street wear is the ability to fuse comfortable function with a dose of non pretentious uptown style. There's nothing better than owning a versatile garment, allowing you to take it from day casual, to night time red carpet. Wouldn't you agree? The varsity jacket is no exception. Believe us, it’s true. One of this falls trends to watch is a revamp of the old classic letterman by the original Comme des Garçons protégé, and Japanese designer Junya Watanabe. Attention to detail is evident from the ribbed collar and use of easy snap buttons, while the use of heavy felt wool is crafted into what still remains to be a distinct blazer. This craftsmanship will cost you though- at a price tag of $1,500 you would think economic hardship would tighten up luxury spending. Apparently that's not the case, as it is already sold out at Bloomingdale's in NYC. We say, Ra! Ra! Let's All! Speeend money!


We've been avid supporters of the Upper Playground brand since their humble beginnings starting 10 years ago. To celebrate their on going commitment toward innovation and the art community, they will be introducing their new premium cut & sew hoodie collection. Sourced from Italy and constructed of the finest wool, the new DWP Premium line will be a slimmer cut and will feature 4 fabrications of Plaid, Mini Houndstooth, Houndstooth Plaid, and Pinstripe which will be limited to 25 pieces each. The DWP hoodies will retail for $120 each.
For more details be sure to visit Upper Playground.

Tuesday, November 25


Adidas will be rolling out the red carpet for its new line and merchandising concept for this spring. The new sportswear line called SLRV will feature apparel and accessories for both men and women, and will be introduced to the public in February during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC. Stores will launch ranging between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet, starting with its first store in Soho followed by a Paris location during their fashion week. During the first quarter of 2009, two additional locations will be added to Los Angeles and Miami, while existing Adidas Centre locations in Paris, Moscow, Berlin, and Beijing will follow.

The line will be catered to the consumer that falls between the Originals and Y-3 collections. SLVR looks promising with a variety of clean lines and basics. Stay with us and be in the know as there will be more details to drop.

Monday, November 24


We can't get enough of the original Hip Hop pioneer behind the camera lens Martha Cooper. Back in July we featured two interviews courtesy of Current TV. This time around newly dropped fem-pop German magazine Missy caught up with Cooper in Berlin for her "Tag Town" book release. See what she had to say.


House music for us is like soul food, you're kept feeling satisfied and with lifted spirits. Brooklyn native, Barbara Tucker is NYC's answer to pure unfiltered vocal house. We've had the pleasure of knowing Ms. B for many years now. She is known for being a "one women powerhouse" in the entertainment industry circuit, having worked with such groundbreaking labels as Strictly Rhythm and Defected, and artists George Clinton, Louie Vega, and Kenny Dope. Being one of the most kind and giving people we know, we are proud to call family and friend. Show your love and support this Friday.

LOCATION: Studio B- 259 Banker St. (Btwn Meserole Ave. & Calyer St.)
TIME: NOVEMEMBER 28, 10pm-5am
WITH DJ's: GRANDMASTER FLASH, JON CUTLER(Distant Music, King St, Chez, Defected,John Davis (Body and SOUL), KFK (Mistmix, Club Queen, Radio
LIVE: BARBARA TUCKER Special celebration for her latest King St. Single & Video “One Desire”

Sunday, November 23


This seems to be the year of the iconic pop-up shop. Within the past couple of months we've seen brands like Target open with their "Bullseye Bodega", to the overly hyped Colette x Gap collaboration launch in its flagship store on Fifth Avenue. We intentionally didn't report on these events for a few simple reasons. One, every other lifestyle site would be doing it, and two, looking back on the mayhem were the products really that stellar? We say, not really.

Then there comes the contemporary Hip Hop and Neoclassical artistry of Kehinde Wiley. Inspired by the classical masters, he is known for his signature usage of detailed floral motif backgrounds, juxtaposed with the use of ultramodern context in an old world European style setting. For one of his latest projects, he has teamed up with designer Dapo Jamiu-Soyoye to produce a series of puffy down style coats, which will be sold in a pop up store in New York between this December '08 or January '09. This may be to overwhelming and a little flashy for some, but this is one pop up we're looking forward to. Peep the latest images that have surfaced. Stay with us and be in the know as we will report back after the color persuasion.

In case you didn't get enough of this read, his latest collection entitled "Fallen" are massive 25 foot oil paintings, and are curretly on display downtown in NYC's Deitch Projects.

Thursday, November 20



Reviewing this release is more for nostalgic reasons than anything else...

Their latest collaboration is with the flamboyant character Dame Edna Everage, portrayed by Australian comedic actor Barry Humphries. The new collection from M.A.C. will feature Edna's signature purple gradient palette of choice and will launch December 26th.


This wouldn't be the first time that the cosmetics company went she-male.
Back in 1995 when they launched their "Faces of M.A.C." campaign, they worked with the original Glamazon of Drag known as Rupaul. That's right, Ms. You-Betta-Work! I remember seeing Rupaul sashay shante the catwalk performing "Supermodel" at a weekly Friday night party called "The Bump" at Club USA. I miss that slide...


"Lady Loch Ness"

Wednesday, November 19



No need to explain any futher the invite says it all. Stop by and support some of the most influential street artists of yesteryear and today at the Showroom Gallery from December 4-9, presented by the legendary Cope2. Knowledge is power. A shout to the very talented Indie 184 for sharing this drop. Stay in the know and be on the lookout for her Kweenz Destroy brand. Stay tuned after the dissemination and destruction.

Tuesday, November 18


We're not in the habit of discussing politics, nor the current state of the economy here on the Rx site. We usually like to save those heated debates with good friends, dinners with family, and social rejects we encounter on the regular. It's also probably presumptuous for us to say so soon, but the idea of acceptance, progress, and change is already starting to take effect. Who would have ever thought this would happen?...but we're down with this cause.

It seems that the 162 year old Smithsonian Institution has taken quite the liking to graphic media artist Shepard Fairey, and his oversized centerpiece work used during the "Manifest Hope" Obama art show during this year’s DNC. Smithsonian is currently in the process of raising the $75,000 price tag with the support of donations. The art work would be the first fine art rendering of the future president added to the National Portrait Gallery. We say, 75K ain't nothing. Art that touches all cultures with a message is priceless. For a more in depth look into the mind of Fairey, visit the good folks over at Super Touch

Monday, November 17


Nike SB has started shipping their November release to select skateboard accounts worldwide. We won't bother to go into the details or explain anything that you haven't already heard or read. So we'll just cut to the chase and show you the latest to drop and say, they are available starting this Friday at you guessed it, the fine purveyor's known as Special Sauce.






Something tells us that your mind was in the gutter with this one. That's okay we won't hold it against you. We've been known at times to drift away with dirty thoughts of seedy darkness.

'Tis the season for bulky sweaters and disorganized closets. Ever try and figure out how to keep your garments properly stacked and not have everything fall down on you. It's an age old problem with a seemingly easy solution. We present this nifty little article compliments of Men.Style.Com, offering a 3-Step fold method for your knits and a simple transparent organizer to place them all in available for $14 via Stacks and Stacks.
Now you'll have no excuses for any sudden avalanches. Get to it and clean up!

Saturday, November 15


This past Wednesday yours truly Lady Loch Ness hit up the Nylon x Burton event at the Soho Flagship store. I met up with the lovely Martiza who keeps things on the up and up by representing Analog , Burton, and Lucy Love Beach Couture for the ladies. I have to thank her for being the hostess for the mostess that evening, and hooking me up with the rendezvou marble in order to retrieve my gift bag (don't ask). To get the full read be sure to visit the Sauce Blog.

Monday, November 10


Based out of France, Four H is a new advertising and creative agency specializing in visual and music production.
For their latest campaign, they have produced a unique viral video depicting the fashion "catwalk", by collaborating with designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac otherwise known to many as JCDC. We say, now that's some fierce strutting.


Who doesn't get off on free drinks and Hors D' Oeuvres?
Join Nylon and Burton to kick start the season off with shopping, music, and live painting with self taught artist, Mikey Welsh. There will be raffles, and gift bags to the first 200 women who enter. Stay with us as we will give you the lowdown after an evening of some good ol' fashion swagging.

DAY: Wednesday, Nov. 12th
TIME: 7:00PM - 9:00PM
LOCATION: Burton Flagship Store (106 Spring St. @ Spring & Mercer)
* ART by Mikey Welsh & Ltd. Edition Nylon & Burton Snowboards *

Friday, November 7


If you happen to be chillin' on the Greenwhich Mean part of the globe make sure you hit up this MOB event.


With the weather so unpredictable these days, it's best that you come prepared for those surprising torrential down pours. Gents, treat yourself and come correct this season with a proper trench coat. There's no need to sacrifice your style and rock whack gear. Get flossed with these three choices. Of course a little extra dent on that credit card bill is expected, but well worth it for the craftsmanship and longevity.


BARBOUR "Collingwood" Trench, Retail $499
OPERATIONS Trench, Retail $679

HERMES- Grained Calfskin leather Trench, Retail $10,700


Let me start off by saying that yesterdays weather was not fit for man nor beast. A convenient down poor on the day that Zebak and I were set to visit the Chanel Mobile installation in Central Park was not what we had intended. Walking down 5th. Avenue in the wind and rain, hair frizzing, while all the while me cursing that the exhibition better be the greatest thing ever (or at least close to it), since finding a pair of killer Dolce & Gabanna black heel boots from '06 season for $200 bucks!

We entered on 69th street, where we were finally greeted by the spaceship like structure. Thankfully we obtained tickets in advance when they were first made available in September, via the Chanel Mobile Art site. Approaching the entrance we noticed the long line of people waiting on "stand-by" for admittance to our left. We probably waited on the "express" line for about 5 minutes, where we were politely greeted by security and guest patrol, and then escorted to the door. Within another few minutes we were finally in! Handed our belongings into coat check (by this time we were also hot as hell making sure we weren't late), and received a pair of tour headphones. The entire tour was a little under an hour, and was narrated by veteran French actress Jeanne Moreau. Guests were immediately engulfed into the sultry world of Chanel, interpreted by the masterful architecture of Zaha Hadid. I was immediately put at ease, forgetting about the dismal day. The narration of Moreau provided each individual specific directions to follow and visit each installation. The dimly lit space was so relaxing, it allowed participants the chance to "dream in color".

Our favorite exhibits was the over sized Chanel leather bear and swing set container entitled ("Comfortable" by Fabrice Hyber 2007-07). It was ever so slightly cracked open, with its handles held together by a signature Chanel leather chain-like strap. Can I just tell you I had my hand on the strap for so long. I was so tempted to just swipe it! Next was the ("Light Years" by Lee Bul 2007-08) exhibit which symbolically represented the "brain center" of creation for Chanel. Wrapping up the tour you couldn’t deny the power of the oversized bag entitled ("Crystal Custom Commando" by Sylvia Fleury 2007-08). It was outrageous to say the least. The staple Chanel bag was lined in pink fur, and held an oversized Chanel compact showing video images of machine gun wielding women in charge.

Lastly, patrons were prompted to take three informational postcards and walk to the "Wish Tree" installation by Yoko Ono. With headphones still on, guests were directed to take a card and pencil, write down your wish, and attach it to the tree. This was the official end of the tour. In all, the exhibit was well worth it and was regulated with the great professionalism. We only wish there were additional installations that were oversized and more tangible for the NYC tour. There were a few interpretive exhibits we could have done without as well. We handed in our coat ticket, picked up our belongings, and were treated with a Chanel New York Mobile Art Issue #3 magazine keepsake.

Later that day we also met up with emerging jewelry designer Lillian Crowe, also featured by the lovely ladies over at Miss Crew. Aside from being talented, she is probably one of the most down to earth and accomodating people we have ever met. We are proud to announce that her designs will be featured and sold in the upcomming months at our new exclusive Special Sauce location. Stay with us and be in the know, as there will be more info. after the hop.

We kept one of the magazines in plastic for prosperity, the other we have opened it to share some images with you. Peep the luxury and decadence that is Chanel.

Wednesday, November 5


Pick up some dairy delights from two of New York's finest, Extra Butter and up and coming ladies boutique Milk & Honey, sure to both soothe and set your shopping impulses at ease.

Tuesday, November 4


Born from the mind of Anthony Mazzei, Hlaska takes a scientific approach toward today’s accessories. The brands philosophy of producing luxury goods is deeply rooted with its combination of nature and architectural craftsmanship design, while still providing top notch functionality. The new "Evergreen" collection for men has just been released. If there ever was a briefcase and wallet design for today’s man on the go, this would suit the corporate climber just fine. The unique vegetable-dye leather features a distinctive wood grain imprint, mimicking the texture of ebony, cedar, and pine. Available in 3 distinct color ways of natural, black, and papaya. Retails $795/briefcase and $125/wallet. Visit Hlaska for additional details and to place an order.


In the beginning of October we featured the Fall '08 Lookbook from emerging women’s brand Weekend Warriors. They dropped the word with us on their upcoming launch party this Sunday in L.A. (thanks Briana). We're here on the East Coast, but fully supporting in spirit.

In celebration of their first collection, the lovely ladies of Weekend Warriors will be hosting a not to be missed release event sponsored by C'est LaVie and Crooks n Castles. Make sure you get their early as limited swags will feature a special edition shirt from the WW, and also goodies from Miss Wax, Good Wood, nyc, Knowwxone , and Don't Trip Yet. Stay tuned with us for wrap up details.

Good Luck Ladies!

Sunday, November 2


At the end of August we reported on the highly anticipated Chanel installation to drop in Central Park, created by Iraqi born and master architect Zaha Hadid. We're anxious to hit this up next week and will be dropping the word afterward. So stay with us and be in the know.

In the meantime...

If you haven't been privy to score tickets to this once in a lifestyle Mobile Art Pavilion and experience her work, patrons now have a second opportunity. From November 1 - December 13, guests will be able to view Hadid's latest installations derived from her various large scale projects being showed at the Sonnabend Gallery located 536 W. 22nd St. and 169 Tenth Ave., NYC.