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Initially founded in 2005 as a Creative PR Agency, Rawthentix was strategized and masterminded by its two founding partners who were fed up with the corporate overindulgence mentality within the music, fashion retail, and media industry. For them the current lack of progression and creativity within the already saturated market has spewed countless numbers of overzealous haters claiming to be down, but systematically know nothing.

With the combined work experience and credibility of over 30 years in the art, music, fashion, & dance community, it was only a logical progression for Rawthentix to spawn. Their knowledge and dedication toward cultivating a voice for street culture is their business, but is also engrained within their personal lifestyle as well.

Our marketing campaigns include collaborative projects with Burton, Red Bull, Upper Playground, Red Bull, Nike SB, and Oakley. Media and entertainment collaboration include Milan Entertainment, MTV/VH1 Networks, 'The Art Dump' (Chocolate installation), Red Bull, Pacha NYC, Bboy Ivan (Urban Action Figure), HEF (Fx Crew), KRS One, Fab 5 Freddy, N.E.R.D, Universal/Interscope Group, Much Music (Chum City), artists Barbara Tucker, Rufio (White Lights), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Smoochy), and of course our loyal F.A.M. and Special Sauce collective.

Rawthentix is not only a movement, but a Non-Traditional entertainment and street fashion agency, focusing on marketing initiatives, through an array of promotions that include: Live Event Productions, Brand Development, and Social Networking. We host an eclectic team of forward thinking individuals who live, breathe, & forecast trends In short, we will provide clients with groundbreaking concepts that will maximize brand image and public awareness.

It is our intention to bring readers thoughtful commentary, as well as the latest freshness to drop. If you are seeking a product review, advertisement, client consultation, or looking to connect, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime frequent our site, leave a comment, and be in the know.


Zebak & Lady Loch Ness

Thursday, July 31


Mmmm...I 'heart' me some Hellz. Ladies, get it while you can. This is one SS not to be missed! All HB will be 50%-75% OFF which will include exclusive and sold out items.

*Cash and all major credit cards accepted*
When: Friday, August 1 - Sunday, August 3
Time: 11am - 7pm
Where: 435 Broome Street,NY 10013

Lady Loch Ness

Graffiti Magazine No.9

For the astute graffiti connoisseur always in search for new inspiration,GRAFFITI MAGAZINE has just dropped their 9th Issue for this summer. Based out of Germany, they’ve been running the scene since 2005. This issue features trains, walls, tags, & t-ups from the Rhein to Ruhr District.

Preview- LACOSTE Ladies Hi-Top @ WSA

In our search to find colorful footwear for the ladies, we came across these blinders made by non other than Lacoste (who would've thought). They are uber hot pink hi-tops consisting of a leather body with a sateen-like side panel finish, and adorned with matching ribbon laces. Freshly previewed at this months WSA Show in Vegas. More after drop, drop.
Lady Loch Ness

Source: High Snobette

Wednesday, July 30

Missfits + Social Politics= CARDBOARD ROBOT

Image hosted by

When one hears the words Cardboard Robot you don't quite know what to make of it. Consisting of a group of self proclaimed free thinkers and misfits, CARDBOARD ROBOT is a 3 year running Ladies/Men’s clothing brand based out of Long Beach, CA, as well as a growing movement often focused on promoting political & social awareness through their graphic designs. Visit the online shop to peep the line. They will also be exhibiting their latest wears at the upcoming AGENDA TRADESHOW September 4-6 in San Diego.

GORILLAZ hits Beijing Games '08

It’s always a treat when you come across music that not so easily categorized. Formed in ’98 by Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett, the virtual band known as GORILLAZ presents a multitude of musical genres ranging from Rock, Hip Hop, and Trip Hop. Lead by its four animated band members 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, & Russell, they are portrayed in fantastical landscapes presented in short story video format.

In the Gorillaz latest project, Albarn & Hewlett have teamed up with the BBC to produce the title sequence and theme song for this year’s network coverage of the Beijing Olympics. In the networks efforts to draw younger viewers, a two-minute promo video will feature the song, and revolve around three new mystical characters named Monkey, Pigsy, & Sandy, and their interpreted JOURNEY TO THE WEST .

Tuesday, July 29

Nike SB- "E.T." BMX Pack Release

For those that slept on the Nike SB "Kuwaharas", now is your opportunity to still cop a pair from our SPECIAL SAUCE brothership. The sneakers consist of a red to white gradient, with a patent leather toe box. Their inspiration is based on the Kuwahara BMX bike used in the classic 1982 Spielberg film E.T.

Made Her Think- Fall Collection '08

An eclectic jewelry line created in 2004 on a whim by Brooklyn based Meredith Kahn, MADE HER THINK is not for the prim and proper at heart. Previously a clothing designer for Old Navy, her distinctive pieces cleverly fuse a rockers delight with night time dreamscapes of the Victorian morose. The upcoming Fall ’08 collection entitled “Faux Illumination”, is crafted with pearl and Swarvoski symbolic usage of leather studded bracelets, skull & rosary inspired-like necklaces, & talons rings, sure to bring its owner evil delights. A perfect option for the daring stand out lady, who likes to often live and walk off the beaten path.

Friday, July 25

Takin' it back to...GRAFFITI ROCK (Part 1-3)

Originally screened on June 29,1984 on channel WPIX NYC, Graffiti Rock was a hip hop based television program intended to air as an on-going series, but unfortunately only received one pilot episode. It's creator MICHAEL HOLMAN was the shows host, as well the manager for the New York City Breakers crew who were featured on the episode. Other notable appearances featured the shows DJ Jimmie Jaz, Rappers Kool Moe Dee & Special K of Treacherous Three, performances by Run DMC & Shannon. The graffiti artwork on the set was created by the artist "Brim". Take a closer look and you'll also find notable indie actors Vincent Gallo ("Prince Vince") & Debbie Mazar virtually unknown at the time. For those who missed out on this one time affair (or just weren't born yet), you'll be happy to know the footage is available a la DVD, or you can just sneak a peek and watch the heat below.

Opening Credits

PART II (feat. RUN D.M.C.)


NIKE+ Human Race 10K

If there ever was an opportunity for humanity to get involved with a a worth while cause for one day, it would be on 8.31.08. In less than 37 days, a 10K race will be hosted by Nike in 25 major cities around the world. It is the the largest running event to celebrate the thrill of the sport in a whole new way by providing runners a digitally global connection through the experience. To get involved, you must select your prospective city via NIKE+. Each participant will be able to choose one of three charities they would like to have a portion of their registration fee to go to, which will include NineMillion , Live Strong, or WWF-World Wild Life . Get involved, break out your running kicks. We'll see you at the finish line.

LOCATION: Randalls Island

Thursday, July 24

CHANEL Mobile Art lands in NYC

Don’t look to the skies, but the iconic brand Chanel will temporarily be touching down in Central Park, NY with a traveling art pavilion known as MOBILE ART . At the request of Chanel’s designer Karl Lagerfeld, the futuristic spaceship like structure was created by architect Zaha Hadid of London, and will house the works of 20 international contemporary artists who will exhibit their works inspired by the staple quilt bag that has given Chanel it’s unique identity. The challenge was to make the 7,500-square-foot structure visually compelling, and could also be transported with ease. The material consists of light weight panels that can easily be packed into 51 shippable containers. The traveling project will have free entry to all and will circulate for the next 2 years in Asia, United States, & Europe. An event we're looking forward to! Back after the jump.

EXHIBITION: Oct. 20 to Nov. 9
LOCATION: Central Park, NY, Rumsey Field & 70st.

Source:NY Times

Source: The Cool Hunter

Wednesday, July 23

A PEACE TREATY- Daastan Collection 2008

Source: A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty is a relatively new accessory & apparel brand, hand crafted by select artisans located in areas of socio-political strife. The brand not only focuses on bringing luxury items to the fashion connoisseur, but also donates to the Counterpart International organization, a non-profit international development group which aims to provide humanitarian awareness around the world. The collection consists of brightly colored hand woven & loomed scarves, stoles, & handkerchief pocket squares, reminiscent to the traditional Middle Eastern keffiyeh. Currently a small collection of limited pieces can be found in select boutiques or you can visit the A PEACE TREATY website for its online shop.

Source: A Peace Treaty

Tuesday, July 22

Props... cause it's Not Bad For A Girl

We would have to agree and say not bad indeed. It's always inspiring to come across new emerging brands for the ladies that promote the image of strength and unity, and not just the mundane & predictable sex sells approach. Created in 2006 by London based designer Karen Jane, NOT BAD FOR A GIRL is accomplishing this mission. Her marketing efforts toward promoting fiercely independent females in a male dominated industry is highly visible. The line is represented by the likes of women in entertainment including MC's and B-Girls. In NBFAG's latest efforts, they have teamed up with Addict to collaborate on their S/S'08 and A/W'08 lines with limited yet uniquely designed hoodies & t-shirts. Ladies score yourself some of these fresh thread and floss that sexy side of yours.

Source: Not Bad For A Girl

Ladies, do your thing and get jazzy!


Monday, July 21

Remember this one? Freshness in effect

Not much can be said about this one, it speaks for itself. Infomercial from '85 with child star Alfonso Ribiero. Only $19.99.

Blessed by babakONE

We're eternally DEDICATED to our man babakONE for this blessed piece. Soul bros born on the same day, a special shout from Babak to Pete.
Thank you!
Peace,Respect, & 1L

The Good Life- Craig Wetherby

Born and raised in NYC, CRAIG WETHERBY is a self taught taught photographer since 1992. Initially getting his start by capturing the moments of his friends, he has become a favorite among musicians, athletes, as well as hip-hoppers alike. Make sure you stop by MILK STUDIOS for this one night only showing.

A Milk Gallery Project
The Good Life

Photography by:
Craig Wetherby

July 22nd @ Milk Gallery
450 West 15th Street, NYC

Music by:
Prince Paul
Ricky Powell aka The Funky Uncle
Smoke L.E.S.

Wednesday, July 16

School House Rock!

A trip down memory lane with some of our favorite Saturday morning "School House Rock" episodes.



Kon & Amir:Present Off Track-Volume 2

Those who know, are aware of our never ending quest and debates on music's past, present, & future. Luckily for the last 25 years New York's crate digging duo KON & AMIR have been serving a select menu of obscure rare grooves to new & existing listeners. The follow up to their Off Track Vol.1-The Bronx, their latest release entitled Kon & Amir: Present OFF TRACK Vol.2 is packed with over 5 hours of equally satisfying mixing. Kon's music selection of 70's and 80's classics also provides his signature editing to extend the instrumentals, while Amir's earthly blend of world & African inspired beats is prominent.

Tuesday, July 15

N.E.R.D "Spaz"

The official video for the second single "Spaz" off the third album from N.E.R.D,"Seeing Sounds". Straight forward black & white footage from what seems to be taken from a live show. If you haven't heard the entire album yet, you'll get an eclectic mix of beat making ranging from Spank Rock to Drum 'n' Bass.

Monday, July 14

Vogue Nippon x Fafi

One of Japan's fashion staple magazines Vogue Nippon has teamed up with world renound Frech artist Fafi, for their latest July '08 issue. Representing the community of the empowered and sexy women, she is also known for her signature "Fafinette" character drawings & mural work. Her latest project with Vogue has brought these beauties to life with the use of young girls hired, sporting cutely painted faces, brightly colored clothes, & wigs. Needless to say it has raised some eyebrows from the more conservative. We say, it's as close to the land of sugar plums and fairies as you can get. Rock on Fafi...

(Ms. Fafi in the real)

Friday, July 11

Martha Cooper- Snapshots Into The Past

We often find ourselves engrossed within the vast amount of pods and short segments that CURRENT TV has to offer, ranging from lifestyle to world politics. This independently owned cable network jumped off in 2005. It's creator and half owner Al Gore (yes you read that correctly), mission is to have the station serve as a portal and "independent voice" to those who want to learn about the world.

In our efforts to spread this belief, here are two interview segments. They explain the more positive ideologies within Hip Hop from its sometimes segmented culture. Photo journalist & pioneer Martha Cooper reminisces back to a more simpler time. She provides thoughtful commentary on her past urban explorations among the youth with in their communities, and her correlation between Graffiti, BBoy's, & the emergence of Rap music.


INTERVIEW:Thomas Greene

Thursday, July 10

Air McFly 2015 meets Hyperdunk 2008

Most sneaker aficionados & self proclaimed kicksologists are in a stir over the highly publicized release of the new Nike Hyperdunk, inspired by the original "Air McFly 2015's" version. These sneakers were initially featured in the 1989 cult film "Back To The Future II", and were worn by it's main protagonist Marty McFly (a.k.a Michael J. Fox). Interestingly enough, a potential Air McFly prototype was considered by Nike as far back as 18 years ago. Having also watched the movie in the theatre with melting Goobers in hand, fellow on lookers "Oooohed!" and "Ahhhhed!" after McFly displayed his sneaks. Call it nostalgia, but we enjoy remembering the originals for simply being the classics that they were.

Visit:CNBC-Darren Rovell for additional details

ORIGINAL Air McFly 2015

Source: Movie Still

INSPIRED Hyperdunk 2008

Wednesday, July 9

Aoyama Itchome...Say what?

If you can't pronounce the name, take some time and get to know the brand. Aoyama Itchome is created by Paris resident & Japanese designer Hogo Natsuwa. Created in 2001, the label still seems to be relatively unknown to the street fashionista. I happened to come across my first AI piece a few seasons back at one of my favorite shopping grounds. To date, I have happily collected various limited pieces which include Asian inspired silk & woven tunics, as well as killer African patterned scarves. You'll be happy to know that Aoyama Itchome has opened it's very own retail boutique in NY, located in Boerun Hill.

Happy Shopping!

Loch Ness

Aoyama Itchome
296 Atlantic Ave nr
Smith St., Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
(718) 875-1790
Tue—Sun 11am—7pm

Source: Racked

(A look inside)

Nike SB "Trickstar" Pack Release

Hong Kong based native Michael Lau, an award winning illustrator and toy designer, has teamed up with the Nike SB team to create the China BMX Mid Blazer. The sneakers palette will represent the Chinese colorway of the national flag. Details include red stars,laces, & insole, sun burst, and a 20-08 label on the back of both the left and right sneakers seperately. If that wasn't enough, your kicks will come in a "mud-brick" inspired box, with a miniature toy vinyl figurine and his very own BMX whip! They are scheduled to drop on July 18th. Stop by our F.A.M. at SPECIAL SAUCE and cop yourself a pair.

Included in this release will include a Mid Blazer in Black with hits of gold stars all over the upper and a gold swoosh, as well as a Dunk Low in Gold with stars all over the upper as well. There will be a designated release of 600 pairs worldwide only. Visit SPECIAL SAUCE to get yours. First come, first serve!

Monday, July 7

P.S.1 "Warm Up" Session @ MOMA

The anticipated summertime music series "WARM UP" returns this season to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The event is housed within an original landscape creation provided by up and coming architects, & sponsored by P.S.1 and MOMA. This unique setting provides patrons the opportunity to have their senses stimulated through art and an audio display provided by a rotating DJ line up. If you haven't attended one of these events yet, it's time for you to try something new. Leave your stress at work, and make sure you bring your sneakers and a towel. Peep the link for details & DJ line up.

Friday, July 4

Butter Knows X Nike

If you haven't been in the know, perhaps it's time you become familiar with our friends at EXTRA BUTTER . About to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, they are an exclusive kicks & apparel boutique for both ladies and gents. With Butter's theme focus paying homage to the cinema and street culture, their latest branding installment includes the "Knows" T-shirt pack as part of the Nike promotional campaign. Swing on by and treat yourself to some freshness.

(The always effervescent BAM LaRoc reppin' the dopeness)