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Initially founded in 2005 as a Creative PR Agency, Rawthentix was strategized and masterminded by its two founding partners who were fed up with the corporate overindulgence mentality within the music, fashion retail, and media industry. For them the current lack of progression and creativity within the already saturated market has spewed countless numbers of overzealous haters claiming to be down, but systematically know nothing.

With the combined work experience and credibility of over 30 years in the art, music, fashion, & dance community, it was only a logical progression for Rawthentix to spawn. Their knowledge and dedication toward cultivating a voice for street culture is their business, but is also engrained within their personal lifestyle as well.

Our marketing campaigns include collaborative projects with Burton, Red Bull, Upper Playground, Red Bull, Nike SB, and Oakley. Media and entertainment collaboration include Milan Entertainment, MTV/VH1 Networks, 'The Art Dump' (Chocolate installation), Red Bull, Pacha NYC, Bboy Ivan (Urban Action Figure), HEF (Fx Crew), KRS One, Fab 5 Freddy, N.E.R.D, Universal/Interscope Group, Much Music (Chum City), artists Barbara Tucker, Rufio (White Lights), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Smoochy), and of course our loyal F.A.M. and Special Sauce collective.

Rawthentix is not only a movement, but a Non-Traditional entertainment and street fashion agency, focusing on marketing initiatives, through an array of promotions that include: Live Event Productions, Brand Development, and Social Networking. We host an eclectic team of forward thinking individuals who live, breathe, & forecast trends In short, we will provide clients with groundbreaking concepts that will maximize brand image and public awareness.

It is our intention to bring readers thoughtful commentary, as well as the latest freshness to drop. If you are seeking a product review, advertisement, client consultation, or looking to connect, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime frequent our site, leave a comment, and be in the know.


Zebak & Lady Loch Ness

Tuesday, September 30


Eager to profile some new footwear, we peeped the Puma website for their latest Fall '08 collection and came across these two models sure to have footwear aficionado’s profiling soon. The men's Tratto Tux is patent leather featuring a vulcanized sole. It's a perfect combination of street comfort and debonair sleekness. If you've ever had a problem searching for a shoe that could take you from the office during the day to high stepping at night, these are an alternative. Hey ladies don't fret, you can treat yourselves to the Speedcat Re-luxe boot modeled after equestrian riding boots. They come in three distinct color ways, and feature a matte suede upper and shiny leather. Visit Black Label to cop yours now.


As much as we love the summer, the Fall is all about flossing your style in layered goodness. Adorn your gentleman swagger with a dandy scarf by Pria. For over 200 years Lanificio Alfredo Pria has produced some of the world’s most ultraluxe scarves crafted from classic patterns, and made from the finest wool, silk, and cashmere. Prices range from $75-125 which is a steal considering the craftsmanship that goes into these winter essentials. Visit them for a fine retailer near you.

Monday, September 29


One of the latest works by New York based artist and designer Ken Kourtney of Just Another Rich Kid. Featured in the Anna Kustera "Urbanity On Paper" exhibition, are these pair of gold dipped Nike Dunk Highs entitled Indulgences No. 5. This just takes sneakerholism to a brand new level.


This past Saturday a huge 3-story Banksy installation went up on a building wall located in Soho at Wooster and Grand street. The commissioned work is of a huge rat donning an "I Heart NY" t-shirt, and was painted by Collosal Media. Banksy makes special attempts by staying out of the media keeping his true identity clouded in mystery. The British graffiti artist is known for his satirical commentary through his artwork often composed of politics and culture. Graffiti Vandal or Graffertisment, what are your thoughts? Peep the latest work to hit the NYC.

Friday, September 26


Sorry for the lack of substantial updates from us this week. Much more to come shortly. In the meantime here is something interesting for you to watch.

Based out of NYC is a relatively new underground group to the block, fittingly called The Retro Kidz. The crew consists of 8 members who's style and musicality attempt to pay homage to iconic pop culture and hip hop music of the 1980's. Growing up first hand during this decade leaves us with a trunk full of memories, to many to categorize and sort through, but it sure was FRESH. It was a time where the foundation of hip hop culture was laid, and inner city youth angst was heavy, giving birth to a new revolution representing urban culture.

Admittedly we weren't sure what to expect from TRK's latest single "New Era". We had to watch it more than once in order for it to sink in before deciding to write something. It would be easy to blast the group's track saying it's WACK, but we decided to take another approach. The old saying goes "That imitation is the greatest form of flattery", and it is obvious that they are inspired by this period in time by putting their twist on things. The video is stylized with images like dookie chains, the Wop dance, Max Headroom, Kid n Play, and Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, with beats resembling that of the 1990 single "The Power" by German electronic group Snap!! Coincidentally "The Power" contains samples from "Love's Gonna Get You" by Jocelyn Brown, "Let the Words Flow" by Chill Rob G, and "King Of The Beats" by Mantronix. Come on, you didn't expect us to let that slip by without us taking note.

In all, TRK seem to be a group of young artists attempting to find a voice in an age where hip hop music has become a corporate equation. Whether it is a marketing tool for self promotion, you be the judge. They are not reinventing the wheel, but if their aim is to pay tribute to the past and interpret it for today's youth and culture, then perhaps there is hope yet. What are your thoughts?

The Retro Kidz "New Era"

Snap! "The Power"


To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, the Diesel brand is bringing global tastemakers together for one special night. Diesel XXX will host a simultaneous party and live cyber broadcast on Saturday October 11th, from 9PM to 3AM (EST), in 17 cities, and 8 time zones around the world. We received the word that the NYC location will be held at Pier 3 at the Brooklyn waterfront. Already confirmed are M.I.A., N.E.R.D, and Hot Chip. Additional artists/DJ's to be announced shortly. The evenings theme entitled "Rock and Roll Circus" is inspired by old world European circus travelers, and will include an elaborate and visual affair of fire eaters, trapeze artists, and sword swallowers sure to immense guests into an audio and sensory environment. If that wasn't enough for you, Diesel will also commemorate the affair by dropping 250 pairs of XXX Limited Edition Jeans for guys and girls on the day of the event at most retail locations. They will sell for only $30 a pair, but will be worth $600. We say, give us some cotton candy please, and make sure to lock up the clowns. Otherwise you'll find us full effect in a cypher circle. Visit Diesel xxx for complete details.

DIESEL XXX- Viral Video
Their latest grassroots campaign includes a clever advertisment mash up of old porn films. 'Cause we know ya'll are twisted and dirty.

Wednesday, September 24


I always gravitate toward vibrant colors. I don't know what it is, but I've always loved to mix and match bright with dark denim together. My philosophy has and will always be, the art to properly match your clothing is to purposely be unmatched. There is nothing worse than when I see a man or women to matchy, matchy with a hat, belt, shoes, and bag with all the same color. It looks like your trying too hard. Instead, opt for hits of sparse color gradients throughout your outfit. Your end result will be much more put together and easy on the eyes. This fall is deemed to be the season of purple 'reign'. I don't mean the artist formerly known as Prince, or is he back to his original namesake? I fancied his threads in the movie just as well. Be prepared for every conceivable jewel toned shade to be made available in opulent hues of rich plum, vibrant violet, and royal bluish purple hinting with red undertones. Whether you choose to wear a pop of purple or go all out, this color will add an instant update to your wardrobe. Peep some of my favorite footwear and accessory picks.


CHLOE- "Crocodile Wrap Pump"
I am not much of a heel girl, but these are so unique and different you have to take notice.

STEVE MADDEN- "Triumph" Purple Suede
Another purple heel at a more affordable price.

TORY BURCH- "Reva" Ballet Flat
'Because hitting the city pavement requires comfort and style on your feet.

FENDI- "Resin Cuff"
FENDI- "Patent B Bag"
It doesn't get any glossier than this!

Tuesday, September 23


A few weeks back the news dropped on the online Pop-Up shop collaboration between MissBehave x Karmaloop. We decided to stay on the low, as the excitment kicked into gear virally, supported by fashion and street lifestyle sites alike. Now that the shop is officially in full swing, they are stocking up on some of the most fabulous digs by teaming up with brands that include Burton, Hellz Bellz, Made Me, and Tripps NYC. All the looks are available for viewing via K-Loop, with the option to readily buy, pre-order, or a notice of coming soon. The styling provided by stylist/DJ Radio Rose of (Around The Way Girls) is colorful, with the playful throwback use of Doc Martens. Damn, I used to have a pair of oxblood steel toe stompers back in the lively Madchester and Mosh days- Yep! Ladies your going to be flossing the nice-nice very soon. I am loving these choice picks below. What are you feeling?

Lady Loch Ness

Feat. Hellz Bellz Dear Friends Flannel/D. Ross Jeans

Feat. Burton Ya Dig Bomber Jacket is delicious!

Monday, September 22


A few weeks back we posted on the anticipated drop of the new KAWS solo exhibition entitled "Saturated", held at Miami's Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin.
The series of large-scale canvases feature pop culture cartoon images such as the Smufs and Spongebob Squarepants images. The gallery showing will run from now until November 20th. To get an inside look into the world of Kaws, visit The NY Times-Moment for a good read.


The announcement of this Blazer was announced a while back, but we have decided to add some additional information.

Craig Stecyk is one of the founders of the art magazine Juxtapoz , and perceived by many in the skateboard community to be the Godfather of the sport. He gained much notoriety in the early 1970's for his artwork and involvement within the surf community, and later the founder of the infamous Jeff Ho/Zephyr surf shop in Venice, California. Nike SB pays homage to the legend by releasing the Stecyk Premium Blazer. The upper consists of orange nubuck suede, with custom Stecyk art on the heel and insole, and a cream colored sole.

NOTE: To correct the dissemination of misinformation via online, the Stecyk Premium Blazer is not to be confused with the Lance Mountain Blazer, which is due to be released as a seperate sneaker on a later date. Stay with us and be in the know. The Stecyk should be dropping at the Sauce this mid October.
More after the drop.


Image Source: Crooked Tongues

Friday, September 19


Excuse the ramblings of our banter, as we are feeling a bit nostalgic at the moment. Once again we started to question music's past, present, and sometimes seemingly bleak future. We always say "music is life", and without it most of us would exist in a world without sound. Most people would agree that music is essential for one's physical and mental wellness, by providing a sense of calm and ease, an outlet for aggression, or heightened inspiration. Music is that Technicolor coat we all wear, allowing us to "dream in color" completely awake. Without it we would surely exist in a blurred and colorless world, walking around with glazed eyes and a beat less swagger. So it got us thinking about what music moves us, and then we came upon the Propellerheads "History Repeating" video featuring the Grand Dame herself, Shirley Bassey. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since this dropped. Lady Bassey is an a true pioneer and has been in the game for over 40 plus year, with a voice that blow most singers out the box. With all the contemporary artists that swear their sh$t don't stink... bow down your head, it's time to learn some foundation. Some funked up big beat with a dash of bombastic jazz, a sprinkle of beat making, topped off with a splash of Bboy-ism. Enjoy the show!

Thursday, September 18

YAHOO- Toki Doki x Pony x Mimoco

Purple has been forecasted as the new "it" color for the season, and YAHOO has been smart enough to pick up on this trend by launching their Go! Purple campaign. A viral buzz started during the summer months, when the grassroots mission dropped its first logo online. The concept of the project aims to highlight industry people, trends, fashion, and companies that exemplify unique creativity and innovation. The search engine company has collaborated with select lifestyle brands, and will include limited edition t-shirts by Toki Doki deisgner Simon Legno, purple suede sneakers by Pony, and three different Mimobot Flash Drives designed by Mimoco . All the items seem to be well thought out, and best of all the price point is reasonable without being over the top outrageous. We say, admit it Yahoo, there's no harm in a little shameless self profit and promotion. Did we mention that Mimobot Drive is looking pretty ill? Go get yourself one at Start Wearing Purple for merchandise available.


Remember the days when your imagination would run wild with those colorful blocks? The possibilities were endless, and as a child you played for hours erecting the small plastic blocks into endless structured communities for your little people to live in. Times have definitely changed. Originally adopting the name "Lego" in 1934, the company officially established the plastic building block system in 1949. In celebrating Lego's history, they have stirred things up by immortalizing a selection of pop culture celebrities that include Amy Winehouse, Madonna, and the Beckhams to name a few. We could care less about celeb-fanfare, but this was to good to pass on. Unless you know a Lego employee, toy geeks and collectors will have to take a back seat, as the pint-sized figurines will not be released to the public. To view all characters visit Entertainment Wise.


Who says you can't battle the elements with a twinkle in your eye and some pep to your step? Most of all your hum-drum days of oversized rain gear are over thanks to Mackage "Packables". Presented in a trendy self-stored nylon pouch, it is conveniently sized to globe trek with you anywhere. Available in two styles, the "DODDY" is a short jacket with asymmetrical zipper, and princess puff shoulders. The "SHILOH" is knee length with a removable hood, and balloon style sleeves. We say, let the rain shine in!


Now that summer has come to an end, it's time for us to begin the Fall installment of party shakedown's. Special Sauce will be sponsoring this event hosted by Reece Steel of MC SEARCH's "Miss Rap Supreme", and headlining with none other than SLICK RICK himself. Sure to be an evening of curiosity, intoxication, and mayhem. Visit here for details. Stayed tuned after the Bacardi blast off.

Wednesday, September 17


The anticipated release of the "Shoe Goo" Highs are now available stateside. The sneakers feature a crinkled patent leather upper, semi-transparent sole resembling that of the sticky glue like adhesive, as well as a pair of red, yellow, and white laces. Currently available at none other than Special Sauce. Get a pair while they last.


A bag has to be remarkably stellar in order for most people to drop serious cash. For me there has to be a bold fusion of both masculine and feminine appeal with a touch of rugged style to peak my interest. The last bag I seriously set myself back on, was purchasing the large Camouflage Michael Kors Skorpios Shopper, which is still to this day one of my top picks. Not only can it hold your essentials and then some, but provides a sense of comfort like a security blanket wherever I go. Plus the bag compliments my Nike SB Brian Andersons quite nicely.

Just recently I was sifting the pages of my October issue of Travel & Leisure magazine, when behold my eyes graced upon one of the latest bags from Versace. While I am generally not a fan of this designer, their latest collaborative efforts with Berlin resident, and Dutch artist Tim Roeloffs has made me take notice. The Bohemian designer was handpicked by Versace scouts to infuse his three-dimensional montage style with the Autumn/Winter '08 line. The result is a collection of dresses and handbags adorned with Berlin's history and social landscape infused with past Versace ad campaigns from the 1980s. The use of luscious plum leather along with the print and gold shoulder strap makes me melt. What are your thoughts? To learn the complete story go to The Age- Ich bin ein Beer-liner for a good read.



Image Source:Hypebeast

Sixpack has just released their new line of artist collaborative tees and hoodies for this fall. Now 10 years deep, the Parisian label known for its more risqué driven works, drop a different perspective for this season. Artists include Grotesk, PMKFA, Gasius, and J. Kreitemeyer. Visit the Sixpack online store for complete artists series.


In 2004 a group of friends in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden started a small second hand store open on Saturdays and Sunday fittingly called Weekend. Shortly afterward the store grew to a full-time concept open every day and therefore got the name Weekday. In 2005 their small business grew to become the brand known today as Cheap Monday. Without the use of traditional marketing initiatives, Cheap Monday aims to offer customers quality fashion at extremely good prices. The current A/W line entitled "Beastmaster" ranges from both Men’s and Women’s accesories, outerwear, tops, and an array of amazing cut & sew denim styles with its signature skull logo. The prices point is hard to believe. Take for instance our denim picks below. They retail for $65.00. We say denim for under a $100 these days? Now that's a bargain! Visit Cheap Mondays for complete CM line and retailer nearest you.